Handy Audio Editor

Handy Audio Editor is a Multi-functional tool for editing your audio files. 

"Are you a music lover ? If so, you will love this application”

"You can customize the songs as per your wish”

"do u have any favorite songs? just merge the couple of your favorite songs using Handy Audio Editor "

Features include :

=> User friendly GUI.
=> Awesome audio player embedded in application itself.
=> you can cut and merge the mp3 files.
=> you can also record songs in your own voice.
=> After cutting, merging or recording the song, you can hear that song from application itself.
=> You can share your audio files in multiple audio formats.
=> Export Audio to Drop-box and Email with File Format Like mp3,caf,aiff,Wav,au,m4a.
=> Audio's will be Access from itunes when iPhone/iPad connected with PC.

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