Geekword Daily Puzzles

The perfect companion app to all your geek related interests. Sick of crosswords and vocabulary puzzles that claim to embrace geek culture, but then saddle you with archaic words no one would ever know or want to use? Look no further friends, because Geekwords is the Angellic herald to your unanswered prayers.

We forego all the trapping of traditional crossword puzzles to bring you exactly what you want. Vocabulary inspired by the tv shows you love to watch, and reinforcement of the main plot points, themes, and character arcs as they come up in each episode. Worried you missed the point of an episode? We’ve got you covered with our charming and evocative clues.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay a cent to play our daily puzzles after watching your favorite tv shows. You can support our cracker-jack staff of nerdites simply by watching an ad, and thus earn puzzles in perpetuity without any associated feelings of guilt! Alternatively, you can subscribe to us and unlock EVERY PUZZLE WE EVER MADE OR WILL MAKE, thus stating explicitly that you support geek-culture whole-heartedly and understand the nature of supply and demand.

Got stuck? We have hints, though if you’re a true geek you should honestly just rewatch the show. Is your favorite show missing? Support us and let us know what you want us to add, and we’ll do it. No really, we listen, and we respond by making puzzles for YOUR show. That’s how committed we are to supporting your nerdery.

We are adding content as fast as we can, and we have no intention of stopping.

Can’t stop the signal.

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