Hide Secrets - Your Private Vault

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There may be certain things that you don’t want anybody to see in your phone. The photos, videos, important notes which are confidential and so on. Protect your secret photos, videos, contacts, audios and notes all in single app. Keep your privacy safe by just using this one app. You will never have to use different apps for yours photos, videos, contacts and other things. We are giving you all-in-one app to manage all these things.


- Add unlimited photos, videos, audios and contacts from your phone.

- Categorize and manage your secrets by unlimited Albums and Folders.

- Photo gallery and full screen views.

- You can also share photos from within the application.

- Amazing audio player.

- Password protection to the application as well as you can also set folder password to lock individual folder or album. 

- Supports Pin Password as well as Pattern Password.

- Gives functionality of creating secure notes.

- The app locks itself when it is not on the screen.

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