Web Development

A website is your corporate identity in the cyberspace. It's aesthetic appearance & functionality will keep your clients & partners visiting it over & over again. Most importantly, it is the communication standard for the crowd around you.

iGeniusdev technology is a renowned website developing company known for prominent works in PHP arena such as WordPress development, Laravel development, Codeigniter development, e-commerce website development and a lot more to add up.

We aid start-up business and enterprises to create outstanding web marketing strategies. Our team of highly qualified web developers with voluminous experience in custom PHP development have been building personalized web applications sustained by acknowledged managerial processes, latest tools & technologies and work designs.

We have mastered the art of developing responsive websites with the proliferating demands of viewing web pages in various kinds of devices. We provide a stimulating viewing experience to the users with customized resolution and navigation styles ready for disparate devices.

We take into account the best framework such as the AngularJS to provide web development services and comply with the industry standards to meet client requirements and work above their expectations.

Over the past few years, we have triumphantly created more than a 100 websites and working on the next 100s to accomplish our targets in the relevant time frame.

Tools that we used to develop a website:


Hypertext Markup Language, in a layman's word is the most widely used language to write Web Pages. HTML thus characterizes the structure of Web pages using markup while tags are used to render the content of the page in the browser.


Cascading Style Sheets, popularly known as CSS handles the most decisive part of a web page i.e. its look and feel. It basically renders control over presentation of a web page by implementing various features such as a text size, its colour and font styles, paragraph spacing, layout design and a lot more to list out.


JavaScript is a kind of scripting language that is object based, lightweight and cross-platform. In lay man's term, it helps to create dynamic web pages for creating network-centric applications. The interactive websites designed through JavaScript constitutes attractive lineaments such as drop down menus, pop-up windows, dialog boxes, client-side validation etc.

My Sql

Creating a diverse range from adventure games to puzzles and board games to brain games, we have established our self as one of the leading game studio.

We are glad to concede that the Educational games developed so far such as Pendulum have attained massive acceptance among students, as it boost up their brains along with being a mind-refresher. Some of the other popular game portfolio are listed as follows.


PHP can be considered the most novel tool for building dynamic content in web based software applications that interacts with databases. PHP codes are executed on the server and the result is returned to the browser as plain HTML. It's Simplicity, Efficiency, Security and Flexibility has made it earn the place that it flaunts today...!

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