Workplace wellness matters???? Yeah it is…


We often notice when our colleague used to take leave because of sickness or spending major part of earning for medical examination. Few physical fitness troubles are genetically where others are caused because of the occupation and chaotic routine life schedule, modern aspects of the modern workplace. At the first glance workplace wellness program initiative doesn’t seem interesting for both employee and employer. With expanded horizon wellness concept is not limited to nutrition, diet, physical fitness; it has covered mental wellness and financial wellness too with the entire wellness concept.

Wellness is a fitness of physical and mental health. A problem in one area can impact at another area of wellness vice versa. It is necessary to make healthy choice for all aspects of wellness well being.

Workplace wellness is the summation of 5 aspects of employee’s life path which is Physical wellness, Individual mental wellness (reducing workload pressure), Individual financial wellness, intellectual wellness, environmental wellness.


Workplace wellness summation



The earliest and omnipresent version which focuses light on Maslow’s hierarchy of need which highlights on 5 motivational needs which wraps the modern concept of HR such as employee engagement ration, employee wellness, intelligence. All are often sketched as hierarchical levels of Maslow’s pyramid.

The new aspect of the challenge is that majority of us, due to the demand and competitive pressure of routine life; we all are stuck up on the bottom level of the hierarchy of needs. Emerging needs are forcing continuously human to so focus on basic physiological needs – breathing, bread, butter, shelter, clothes and of course bed to sleep. Because of continuous focus on the bottom needs somewhere recently people have shown less interest towards higher needs of love and belonging, self esteem and self actualization.

Because of modernity, one is beginning to move away from one another and around them. Here organization has to start employee wellness and employee engagement program with or without willingness which ultimately leads employee engagement internally, diminishing of internal grievance which up brings organization work culture.

Mental wellness and financial wellness are becoming most present issue because of continuous demanding life which needs to take care of most. Financial rewards cannot bring financial wellness and also cannot fulfill a fundamental need always.



Benefit series of Workplace wellness





Seeing such needs as more important and fundamental in Maslow’s hierarchy than self-esteem and respect means that the latter are often being neglected which needs to more focused at every small scale to large scale organization.

It’s essential to draw attention to the needs of company’s live asset “Employees”. Basically company management has a business to promote and encourage, and company’s employees are a treasured aspect of that business. Prospective efforts to increase employee’s occupational productivity and maintain a strong prestigious business. Employee wellness becomes a core part of every organization.


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